Body Image, Being the Mom

Here I am; this is me on a pretty typical weekday. I don’t see myself very often these days, especially from the waist down, so this photo sent me into a pondering mode. Sometimes when I see photos of myself I feel that the image utterly defies the image I feel I am presenting to the world. In my head I am chronically dumpy, really sloth-like, and awkward. When I see a photo of myself, pleasantly, my reaction is usually “Hey, not as bad as I thought!” That’s kind of a relief, because I spent most of my life seeing photos of myself and thinking “What the hell? Am I seriously that awkward?” Thank you, maturity.

I had a post in my head but I was distracted by a really terrible blog about Lena Dunham’s Rolling Stone cover. When people don’t get GIRLS and Lena in general (that’s right, I call her Lena), it really makes me angry. She is a genius, a trailblazer, and a woman. Apparently, the world cannot fucking grasp that combination yet. I’m like her  one-woman blog army, putting haters in their place on STFU.gif at a time.

I know this is supposed to be a parenting blog. Sigh.


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