Great Days!

This is what Elias brings home to us from school each day, a daily report that his teacher fills out. The first half of the year was filled with “OK” days and comments about arguing and melting down halfway through the day, but lately his reports have been amazing. This is so super encouraging on one hand, because it means that Elias is better able to communicate with words when he’s feeling emotional. On the other hand, he’s in Pre-K so let’s not get too caught up in his ability, or not, to sit at a table and do academic work.

Ryan and I were talking the other day about how Kindergarten, when we were kids, was about learning your letters and how to write your name. Now, you are considered “delayed” in Pre-K if you don’t leave that classroom with those skills already honed. When did this happen? Not recently, because when Owen, who is now 11, was in Pre-K they majored in sand throwing and water table play. He entered Kindergarten without any mastery of letters or writing and is now extremely advanced in reading and creative writing. I think the fact that he has always been read to factors in more as a preparation for reading and writing than Pre-K ever could have done.

We love love love our teachers this year for Elias and will be sad to move on next year but relieved that Elias is ready to co-mingle with his age group in a classroom. I had planned to homeschool him since birth but Elias, given a choice, always chooses school. He loves his friends and teachers, he loves to get up and go. Until he seems to need a change of pace, we’re just going with what makes him happy. Incidentally, I always thought that was a sham. When parents said, “We tried homeschooling but my kid didn’t like it.” But I am proved wrong….AGAIN. Hilarious!

Just a little update to say that things are going GREAT and progressing just as we had always hoped for Elias.


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